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Post by RV Owner on Sun Jan 31, 2016 5:54 pm


Well I not really good at making such things but anyways,I am Modnik as username in the community, Many of us already know each other in real life but for as the community , I am 20 years old , And I live in brazil, I work for the Army or Militia : P , I joined the army because mainly i wanted to serve my country, As for my scheduled I am mostly free which allowed me to take up leader postition when i was 16. If most of you are now aware, This community existed since 12 years. Before owned by some Japanese owner's who offered us (me) to continue hosting this community, for more info on the community back then you can ask Santiago as he is the oldest player ( in all terms) here. With their Financial aid , We managed to keep the server very active.

As for this community , I would like to thank every admin which work here on the server or forums. It's not easy being administrator but for most so far we been doing good.I would also like to thank specially CxDur, My good friend and partner who helped me raise this community.

And yes, Apart from it, Nothing much to add.
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